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MLF Chapter & VerseMLF Chapter & Verse

The Manchester Literature Festival Blog

Introducing… #MCRreads no. 1: Tristan


Tristan, from Prestwich

At Whitefield Metrolink platform

Reading: Ian Rankin’s Set in Darkness.

‘I’ve read several Rebus books but this one may be the last. I like the fact that these books tend to be available in charity shops, because I always take a paperback to commute with.’
‘I would recommend Ian Rankin, especially if you like Edinburgh. His novels have a very strong sense of place, and they’re really character driven. What’s Rebus like? Older, sort of gruff, seen it all before, awkward socially… in many ways he’s a completely bog standard character. It’s sort of like watching something like Law and Order on TV; it isn’t original in any way but it’s competent and well done.’
‘The last really great book I read? Well, I’m reading it right now. It’s the Saga graphic novel series by Brian K. Vaughan who wrote Y: the Last Man and the last series of Lost. And the art by Fiona Staples is amazing. It’s about an interstellar war between mythical creatures. It’s a proxy war, which allows for the introduction of ever more interesting locations and characters, including a race of robots with TV screens for heads. There’s a Romeo and Juliet element too, with two characters from each side who have a child together, and everyone’s looking for them.’

#MCRreads is a project to showcase the readers of Manchester in their natural habitat. Got a reader’s selfie or a book recommendation to share with your fellow readers? Tweet it to us using the hashtag #MCRreads this and we just might share it with our followers.