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MLF Chapter & VerseMLF Chapter & Verse

The Manchester Literature Festival Blog

#MCRreads no. 2: Ashley

Our series of interviews with readers spotted around Manchester continues…

Who: Ashley, visiting Manchester from Colorado (we don’t only accost Americans, honest.)

Where: North Tea Power

What book: The Gangs of Manchester by Andrew Davies

“I just bought this. I was with a friend of mine who picked it up and said  ‘when I was a kid I wanted to be a Scuttler.’ He grew up in Blackley, it’s a pretty rough and tumble area. It’s a part of Manchester’s history I’d never heard about, so I wanted to learn a little bit about it. As an outsider, you always hear about Manchester as the home of the Industrial Revolution, but I wasn’t aware how much gang violence there was in the Victorian era.

The last really good book I read?  Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman, which the television series is loosely based on. It gives you a look at the human side of prison and the inefficiencies of the US prison system, the cruelty of it and how messed up the criminal justice system is there.

I love Manchester, but I didn’t see a lot of different areas of the city when I was here as a student. I’d always thought of Manchester as really safe, but the bus ride between here and Blackley… well, I guess I’m seeing that it has a dark side, an underbelly. But I’ve spent a lot of time in London and I’ve found people here to be much more down to earth than Londoners. My favorite thing about Manchester is definitely the people.”

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